Tango Coffee House

We thought that our Club would be not complete without such a place as a Coffee House. For our students, friends or partners to meet here, before and after the Tango. For those who don't know the Tango yet or have doubts to start with tango lessons, to come here for the first rendez-vous with the Tango.

For this, you have just to have a look to the TV screen where you will see tango shows, tango films, or evene our tango classes. Or, eventually, to order one of  our tango-cocktails. The tango atmosphere that you will find here is your first step to this fascintating dance.

Photo: Sergye Rudakov for TangoSquare

Our Tango Cofee House consists of two spaces:

  • a lounge space with the sofas, where you can get seated with a big company (2 x 10 seats maximum). This place is the best for watching the TV screens with movies, shows, lessons and milongas.
  • a "stained glass" space - more silent, a perfect place for a business appointment or romantic talk (18 seats).

Technically, we have possibility to adjust the sound level in 3 areas:  lounge (highest), stained glass by our piano (medium) and stained glass privacy (lowest).

Yes, we have a piano, it's the soul of our Coffee House, where the live tango music will be born.

And for sure we are equipped with Wi-Fi.

Be welcome and discover the taste of Tango !

Our Coffee House is open daily from 12 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Photo: Sergey Rudakov for TangoSquare