Nowhere Else

Our barmen-baristas are really special. They made us discover so many new things, and now we share them with you. In our menu you will find tango-cocktails that you woul hardly find in any other place in Almaty, and even a bit farther.

Photo: Sergey Rudakov for TangoSquare

Hot Chocolate: have you ever guessed it could be white ? You prefer it with a mint or a strawberry syrop ? Have you ever tried a Japanese Tea with Fried Rice ? And an Aloe Vera Jam ? What about a Milk Shake with Dates ? Or with Choco Paste and Nuts ? And the alcohol free cocktails with Basilic, Cucumbers, Rosemary, Aloe Vera Juice ? It could sound strange indeed, but the taste is divine.

And our ice cream, for which we are using a unique equipment, is soo creamy and full of fruity taste ...

And for sure, nowhere else you will find on the menu the tango atmosphere. Only with us - broadcasting on TV screens of tango movies, shows, lessons and milongas. Only with us - musicians playing tango in live. Follow our announcements !