Tango Club

In the life of every "tangoman" there is a moment, when he/she wants more: more lessons, more dancing, more information, more reflection, more socializing. Our Tango Club is the place and space where we want to give you the "more tango" possibility. Our goal is to gather around our soul mates.

Photo: Alexander ZABARA, www.tangoimage.com

Tango Club offers you:

  • Milongas where we try to recreate the "like in Argentine" ambiance. An important part of this ambiance is the generally accepted milonga etiquette, Codigos, that we will ask you to implement.
  • Workshops and shows of the well-known tango dancers from Argentine, Western Europe and Russia (planned for the nearest future).
  • Club Evenings, presentations, photo and art exhibitions, where we speak about tango, and our friends and students - photographers, painters, travellers, journalists, - share with us their work, tango ideas and tango knowledge.