Tango School

Our Tango School is a meeting and socializing point of a big number of intelligent and grown-up people who share the love to the Argentine Tango.

Our classes take place in the weekdays' (Monday through Thursday) evenings. Our groups do not exceed 20 students. The learning programme consists of several consequent courses:

  • Basic Course - 3 months
  • Practical Course – 3 months
  • Upon termination of the Practical Course, our students can continue their teaching with our specialized courses for Tango-Salon, Milonga and Tango-Valse.


Photo: Sergey Rudakov for TangoSquare

The duration of one lesson is 1 hour 15 minutes. We offer you the best conditions and service for dancing the Tango in Almaty.

Tango Square is not just a tango school, but the Argentine Tango Club. Our teachers received training in Argentine and the best tango schools of Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Every year they take part in workshops of the best maestros during Argentine Tango Festivals.